Sugar Detox | $99+ |  Groups offered 4 times per year

Ready to finally kick sugar to the curb so it doesn’t control your life?  The Sugar Detox guides you through the best process for getting rid of cravings for good and provides delicious recipe suggestions.  A more advanced level for current Paleo eaters is available.  Past detoxers have reported having better sleep, clearer skin, less brain fog, more energy, and no more sugar cravings!  *I am a Certified Sugar Detox Coach with Diane Sanfilippo's 21-Day Sugar Detox Program.

Best Self Challenge | $125.00

What does it mean to be the best version of yourself?  In this challenge we focus on what works best for you - your goals, your lifestyle, your needs.  There is no one-size-fits-all!  This challenge lasts 1 month and includes a 1-hour goal-setting session, access to a Facebook group, and weekly tips/ ideas/ recipes from me.  You also get access to me with any questions you have or just to check in!  Get a group of 5+ friends together to do the challenge with you for added support and accountability and 25% of the proceeds will                                         go to the charity of your choice!


"Cleanse & Restore" Detox | $75 or ask me how to get it free!

Over time, poor food choices, stress, and environmental toxins overwhelm your body's natural detoxification channels.  Learn how to support your body so it can actually deal with the toxins coming so you can experience better health.  We use clean food, reduced toxin exposure, and targeted supplements to cleanse and restore you system via your 3 most vulnerable pathways - the lungs, skin, and digestive tract.  Program lasts 30 days.


One-on-One Coaching  | Limited Spots Available
$299/month for 3 months 

Two sessions per month (in person, Skype, or phone) for 60 minutes. We will co-create a wellness plan that works for your unique body, goals, and lifestyle. Additional materials provided may include recipe ideas, articles, educational handouts, and product recommendations. You will feel empowered and inspired to make healthy choices that actually WORK for you and get the results you desire.

Intro to Essential Oils | $25 | Ask me how to get this free!

Which ones? How to use them? Everything you need to know!
Includes 1 phone or Skype coaching session & guide.  


Pantry Makeover - $75/ session

Learn how to read ingredient labels, how to make healthier choices, and tips/ hacks to make clean eating easier, more doable and less overwhelming!  Each session consists of a 1-hour Skype session & detailed session notes for you to keep.  Many people find it useful to schedule sessions once per month for about 3 months.