A Non-Food Detox To Rebalance Your Life

Do you crave some time to recharge your batteries?  Are you overwhelmed by your life?  It may be time to detox, and I’m not talking about food or drinks.

This is an opportunity to look at your life and discover where the toxins are hiding. You probably hear about toxic chemicals in household products and toxic hormones in our food.  But did you know that toxins can come in the form of a messy closet, a scattered mind, negative relationships, bad habits, and routines that have put you in a rut?

You’re busy. I get it, I REALLY do.  But you owe yourself the time to look at all the food and non-food things that nourish you and get them in order so that you can be HAPPY. Fulfilled. Vibrant. Loving yourself again.

Did you know that you could start to detox your life in just 10 minutes a day for 7 days and for free?

Here are some of my favorite ideas.  To keep this conversation going, please join me on my Facebook page, Wellness Warriors

1. Set a timer for 15 minutes.  That’s nothing! 

Spend that 15 minutes decluttering just one area of your home.  A junk drawer that’s been driving you crazy?  The mud room that needs to be swept out?  A load of laundry that needs to be run and some clothes folded out of the dryer?  A stack of magazines that needs to be recycled?  Some dishes in the sink that can be done and put away?  Annoying little tasks that stack up but you’ll feel BETTER once they are done.  DO THIS EVERY DAY!

2.     Write a note.

Have you been meaning to tell an old friend that you’ve been thinking of her?  Did you have an argument with a family member that is still unresolved? Is there someone you’ve been meaning to connect with?  Write a letter, email, or quick note to someone.  Resolve any outstanding issues or things that have been on your mind.  Healthy, positive connections with others will help you feel BETTER!

3.     Diffuse essential oils.

Aroma can absolutely impact your mood….. think back to your childhood, is there a certain smell that brings you back to that time and makes you feel happy? Maybe the smell of honeysuckle from your old backyard or the pie your grandmother always made or the smell of your favorite dinner.  In the same way, essential oils can impact your mood!  Whether you need some energy to get going in the morning (Cheer blend or Citrus Bliss Blend) some focus and concentration for work or bill paying (wild orange + peppermint), calming and de-stressing (lavender or Serenity blend), or feeling more gratitude and joy (Elevation blend), the oils can be an AMAZING tool in your toolbox! (Click here to learn more about essential oils.)

4.     Make just one commitment to yourself.

What is just ONE thing you can do for yourself this week to love on yourself?  Do you LOVE manicures but never take the time out of your hectic schedule to go get one?  Do you enjoy reading a book out in the sun but feel it’s selfish to take time out from the family to do that?  Do you want to go shopping for some new clothes all by yourself with no deadline?  We MUST take care of ourselves and recharge our own batteries so we can be at our best in the rest of our lives – for family, for work, for life!  It is NOT selfish – do things just for you once in awhile!

5.     Breathe. 

Sounds too simple to be helpful but it’s powerful. Take a long breath in for about 7 seconds. Hold it for 4 seconds. Breathe out hard for 5 seconds.  As you breathe in, imagine clean pure cleansing air coming into your lungs. As you hold it, imagine that clean air gathering up everything dirty or toxic.  As you exhale imagine all those negative thoughts, stresses, and toxins exiting your body and disappearing into the environment.  Do this repeatedly for a few minutes as often as you wish throughout the day!

What are your favorite techniques or activities for detoxing your life, emotionally or spiritually or physically? I’d love hear about it!  Please connect with me on my Wellness Warriors page or use the Contact Me form to get in touch!