Trouble Sleeping? Here's the Easiest and Most Surprising Solution

Sleep trouble is so pervasive these days, not only for overworked stressed out adults but for over-scheduled busy kids as well.  Well, if there was a simple and straightforward solution to this problem.... would you try it?

Sleeping pills are pretty simple but they have side effects and we all know it's not a true, long-term solution.  When you can't sleep, it's not a drug deficit that's your problem.  You KNOW you need a great night sleep not only for your health but for your mood so even if you're skeptical, I dare you to give this a try.....

1.  Essential Oils.  Diffuse them for 8 hours bedside.  Your best options to try include Lavender, Cedarwood, Vetiver, Sandalwood, and Serenity (a blend by doTERRA).  You can also dilute them with some coconut oil and apply topically to your skin.  We also have a fantastic supplement called Serenity that features natural plant extracts and works incredibly well.

2.  Take an Epsom Salt and Lavender bath.  This helps get to the root cause of your sleep issues and will relieve muscle and joint tension, head tension, sore feet and help you to RELAX away from screens, games, and other activities that aren't actually very relaxing.

3. Get the worries of the day off your mind. You can use a journal or talk to a friend but find a method that works for you to "give over" your troubles for the night so you can relax and rejuvenate.

4. Do a digital detox. No screens within 1 hour of bedtime.... yes, you! You can do it!  Hop off the computer, turn off the TV, and put down your phone.  Rediscover relaxing activities that you used to enjoy before screens were so prevalent.... reading, talking to a friend, crossword puzzle, knitting, meditation.... whatever floats your boat.

5. Get to the root cause.  It takes a bit of detective work but find out why you can't sleep. Perhaps you need to visit a functional medicine doctor who can uncover hormone imbalances. Maybe you don't have any tools to unwind and de-stress from life.  Perhaps you need to have a hard conversation with someone and you're putting it off.  There's no pill. oil, or habit that will totally fix your sleep until you do this detective work.

Sleep well, friends.