Healthy, Focused & Motivated Kids for School

The school year brings new excitement, chaos, activities, and germs to the household!  Are you worried about how to keep your kids from getting sick in the petri dish that is their school? Are you worried about their inability to focus when it's time to do homework?  Do you want to know more about how to help them stay motivated when the excitement of a new school year wears off?

Essential oils can provide solutions for all of these issues and many more all while avoiding toxic chemicals and drugs you wish not to use.

A note about quality.... essential oils are POWERFUL so it's critical to use only the highest quality, therapeutic grade oils. After much research, the company I trust is doTERRA.  To learn how to sample doTERRA oils for free, contact me!

THE WAKE UP BLEND:  Do you kids have trouble getting going in the morning?  Try diffusing peppermint and wild orange. It has a wonderful aroma and is very energizing!  You can also put a few drops in the shower and breathe in the aroma that way.

GERMS BE GONE:  OnGuard is a blend of essential oils that is amazing at boosting your immune system. Whether you need to deal with a nasty "bug" that's going around or need support after getting sick, you can use OnGuard topically and aromatically for seriously awesome results.  (My older two kids never missed a day of school due to illness last year and my youngest was sent home sick 3 times but bounced back in less than 3 hours after using OnGuard)

CALM DOWN:  Are your children hyperactive or just need help unwinding from the day? The "Serenity" calming blend is an amazing resource to help with this issue.

FOCUS ON STUDYING:  Diffuse wild orange and peppermint during a study session to boost focus.  Rosemary has also been proven to boost memory.

NIGHTY NIGHT:  When kids don't get enough rest, the next day does not go well.  There are a variety of oils that can help kids and adults alike to get a better night's sleep.  We're all a little different biochemically and each person needs to find the oil that is just right for them.  The best oils to try are lavender, cedarwood, vetiver, and Serenity.  You can set up a diffuser next to the bed and run it all night for continuous support while the body is in rest/ repair mode.

Want lots more ideas on how to support kids' bodies and minds with natural essential oils?

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